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What a perfect month to enjoy your garden!
Warm-weather garden veggies are now in full swing but there’s still time to plant more:  
Pest Note
Wouldn’t it be nice if ground squirrels actually stayed on the ground and didn’t climb vines, trees and plants to feast on our fruits and vegetables?
Are You Prepared for a Wildfire?

With fire season upon us, it is essential to create a “defensible space” to help protect your home and property. 
Snakes on a Plain

With our warm, dry weather, you may see more snakes in or near your garden. The only venomous snake in San Diego is the rattlesnake.


We removed several large eucalyptus trees and planted some bushes to replace them. Some of the bushes are doing fine but others have died. What’s happening?
Six Steps to Help Reduce Water Use and Keep Your Landscape Healthy
This recent San Diego U-T article will help you prep your irrigation system for the growing season: 
San Diego Libraries Are Offering Free Seeds!
Multiple locations now feature a “seed library” where you can pick up a few free packets of seeds (pending availability).
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