From: DJTooley Date: Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 12:18 PM Subject: Re: MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT: SDBGF, September 12, 2019 djt02 From: DJTooley Date: Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 12:18 PM Subject: Re: MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT: SDBGF, September 12, 2019 djt02 To: sorry about the format..... I'll have to recreate the template. I didn't receive information for an agenda. I understood from Laura you want to go over the current and future status of SDBGF. This email address is a good on to use for me.
See you Thursday Not to worry....I found the email that I sent to your old address name....hope that can work...if not, don't worry..Dave

>Evening apology for being tardy... Here are a few items to put in the newsletter/agenda please add anything you have to advise the societies....

(a) Do NOT paste, stick, glue, staple, nail, any posters, notices, flyers, etc on any of the walls in Rooms 101 nor 104.

(b) Anyone know of the whereabouts of the 2 gray, low sided carts that we used to have in the storage room in 101? If someone had taken them home to move stuff around, that's understandable, BUT please return them

(c) Please check the website: Webmaster Bob Vitacco has updated the Bulletin Board with info..

(d) Tom Derr, 1st VP and Room Reservation Request person wants ANY AND ALL RRR's for 2021 in his hands by the END of this month....Please remember that we have to turn in RRR's 2 YEARS ahead of time....if we don't and the Park and Rec wants to rent the room space to an outside group e.g. wedding gathering, business seminar, etc who will pay for the space...... Additionally, if your group has had a specific time over the past years, please advise Tom....We have a sheet that we refer to and call the CAST IN CONCRETE list...we do this because some species grow at specific times of the year...We have therefore done our best to slot societies in to the calendar to benefit the flower presentation.... AND FINALLY.....

(e) Over the past months I have been telling "ya'all" that show display items that have not been put away, just stashed in Room 101 and Room 104 storage blocking lockers and falling over, will be THROWN away....e.g. there is a wooden table in 101 that has been there for at least 2 months.....there are pieces of wood painted black on the floor sticking out from under some lockers in 104.....if you don't have room in a locker, TAKE THE ITEM HOME.....or as I say they will be cut up and thrown away..... See you at the meeting....Dave