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Our gardens won’t be celebrating “Independence Day” this month as they still depend on us for many tasks.
While you’re hopefully now harvesting some warm-weather veggies, there’s still time to plant more!  
Pest Note
Spider Mites hold the honor of being among the most ubiquitous of all pests in the garden.
Masked Bandits Raiding Your Garden?
Starting to feast on sweet summer corn and melon from your garden? Raccoons also love these and other sweet garden treats.
Master Gardener Fall Garden Tour

Tickets go on sale August 1st for this ever-popular MG event, this year featuring 15 Carlsbad gardens! 
Stay tuned for more information!


I saw a large green caterpillar feeding on my green tomato leaves. Could it also be chewing on the fruit?

Yes, that caterpillar is probably the tomato hornworm, a common garden pest that can be controlled. 

Companion Planting – Folklore or Fact?
Read this recent article to learn which plants make good next-door neighbors: 
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