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In addition to refreshing your ornamental and edible gardens, try 1c;adding 1d; one or more rain barrels this month to capture the fall precipitation.
Now 19;s the ideal time to create delicious salads from homegrown veggies
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Master Gardeners 19; Outreach Programs Are Thriving
Did you know San Diego MGs volunteer at county schools, community gardens, youth detention facilities, memory-care facilities, and an emergency children 19;s shelter, and also provide guidance for all-inclusive gardening programs and earth-friendly gardens?
Pest Note: Cutworms
If your fall seedlings are disappearing overnight, the culprit could be cutworms which feed on blossoms and leaves of many ornamental plants and most garden crops.


Why are the leaves on my potted Azaleas turning yellow?

It could be due to the soil, water, and/or sun exposure.

Celebrating the Legendary Kate Sessions on November 13
San Diego Floral Association and Save Our Heritage Organization will co-host a book & birthday celebration honoring Kate Sessions at the Marston House Museum and Gardens on Sat. Nov. 13, 10am - noon. Free and open to all.
UC Extension Programs Get Financial Boost
Increased funding from the State will help enhance the UCANR 19;s ability to address such challenges as viticulture, community and economic development, wildfire resiliency, integrated pest management, and more.
The Many Advantages of Gardening in Straw Bales
If having an instant raised bed without construction coupled with reduced bending and no digging or soil preparation sounds appealing, then straw bale gardening is for you.
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